Theme: We would like to display artwork with a science fiction, fantasy, fannish or science related theme or subject. 2D, 3D, Digital, Textiles etc. are all welcome.


Fees: The hanging fee is 25 cents per piece. The art show will take a 10% commission on all sales. This fee structure has allowed the art show to break even in the past and helps cover the cost of forms, correspondence and hanging panels.


Awards: We will be giving awards for the “Best of Show” as judged by the show attendees, as well as awards for the best print/reproduction, 3D and original in SF, Fantasy, Humor and Horror.


Mail-in: We will be accepting mail-in art. Indicate that you will be shipping your artwork when you contact us. We are known for our rapid return of un-sold art and for quick payment of artists, usually within a week after the convention.


Auction: We have one auction on Saturday night. Three bids are required for a piece to go to auction. Pieces with no more than two bids when the art show closes Saturday will be sold to the highest bidder on the bid sheet. Pieces not sold by close of show on Saturday will be available for sale at Quick Sale Price on Sunday.


Ratings: We reserve the right to remove, or not include, any art that we feel may violate local standards. Artists whose art is not shown for this reason will not be charged a hanging fee for the piece in question. If you have concerns regarding a piece of art you’d like to send, please check with us to clarify. (Important note! We are in Hamilton County, Ohio, an area well known for its narrow rules on public displays. Their blue laws concerning nudity are such that Millennicon will not display art that shows female nipples or male/female full frontal crotch. Nor will we display work that shows the obvious sex act. This is to protect the con from litigation and not because the convention itself has any issues with the subject matter.)


General Information

1.     Whether you are mailing in art or bringing it in person, please reserve your space ahead of time. Any art without a previous reservation will be displayed only if there is space to do so. Note that we no longer require a hanging fee prior to the convention in order to put you in the queue.

2.     Your art will be hung based on the following criteria;

                a) Your place in the reservation queue.

                b) How much space you reserved ahead of time.

                c) Whether your hanging fee and return postage (if applicable) has been received.

                d) Whether your art was received prior to the deadline (in the case of mail-in artists only.)

        Any submissions that don't follow the above guidelines will be hung as space is available.

3.     We will accept only one copy of a given print for hanging. Any extra copies of a print will not be charged a hanging fee. We reserve the right to determine what constitutes a second copy of a given print. (Note: We will accept bookmarks or the like carrying an image already being shown, but please take care not to overload our system.)


Millennicon generally runs on the third weekend of March. Please see our website or contact me for specific dates.

All artists may request bid sheets via snail mail up to February 15th. We strongly encourage artists to make use of our digital capabilities, however, in the interests of speed.

Mail-in artists may request digital bid sheets all the way to March 1st. We can make exceptions if need be, but please take into account the time it will take for your art to reach us by the due date.

Walk-in artists may request digital bid sheets for mail-in art all the way up the day before the convention.

If you are mailing your art, it should arrive one week before the first day of the convention. We pick up all the way to the day before the convention starts but strongly encourage you to get the work in by the given due date for check-in.

PDF Documents
Art Show Guidelines

Registration Instructions
Registration Form 

Control & Bid Sheet Instructions
Control Sheet
Bid Sheet

Mail-In Instructions
Mail-In Checklist

Walk-In Instructions

Agent Permission Form


We now have a set of .PDFs using the new form fill technology. If you have a .PDF reader able to fill and save forms you may send the form to us via email. You can use these forms even if you don't have the ability to save if you wish to simply print the information out. 

Please note that this is still in its experimental stage and that you should confirm that we have your forms and are able to use them.

Agent Form with Fillout

Bidsheets with Fillout

Registration Form with Fillout

Control Sheet with Fillout (Note: Please ignore Part 2 text and number sheets from 1 to n.)

If you have further questions or need forms write:

Millennicon Art Show
c/o Deborah J. Brown
5818 Wilmington Pike
Centerville, OH  45459


web log:
                (Note: You don't have to be a member to post, but non-member posts are screened.)


 (This is the convention facebook page, but you can get art show answers from me there if you need them.)

We now have a Facebook Group for artists. Go here: